Free Engagement Photoshoot?

How do I get my FREE engagement photoshoot?
Give me a call and tell me that you saw the ad either on my website or through Schedule a time and place with me and lets shoot. Its just that easy!
Why do you offer it for free?
Some couples don't realize have important it is for you to get along well with your photographer. After your special day, after the food has been eaten and the caterer is gone, the DJ is packed up, and the officiant signed the marriage license, you never have to talk to them again. But that is just the beginning of our interaction. We will still have to communicate in regards to proofing your pictures, creating albums and printing pictures. So this is a chance to work with me and get to know me to make sure that our styles match and that you are happy with my style.
What is your style?
I shoot in a photojournalistic style. I do pose couples every so often when I see a shot that I do not want to miss. But other then that I am very laid back and capture pictures as you interact with one another.
How long is the photoshoot? Max amount of outfit changes?
Generally I do not set a time limit on how long we shoot, or how many outfit changes you are allowed as long as it is reasonable. The reason for this is I know that sometimes you just can't decide what to wear, so you want multiple options. I am okay with that. I know sometimes it takes couples a little time to warm up to having a photographer with them, so I allow for that as well. I will call it a day when I feel we have a good amount of awesome pictures, and you feel comfortable with me.
How long till we get to see our pictures? How do we get them?
Generally I have them online in a public or private gallery within 2-4 weeks. I get them to you via digital download.
Alright, I'll bite. Whats the Catch?
As with anything in life, Nothing is truely free. The catch for the free engagement photoshoot is that in order for me to stay in business I do have to make some money. However I am able to make the engagement photoshoot free by putting the $250 value towards the payment of your wedding package. So if you choose me as your wedding photographer, I will put the value towards your package total.
Do we come to you or you come to us?
I love traveling and I do not mind taking a little trip to meet you at your favorite spot where you want to take photographs. I do generally offer free travel if it is within a 2 hour drive of the greater Sacramento area. If it is further then that, then it would be a case by case judgement.